The 2022 movie rankings | Chris Lambert

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  1. Gotta get THE NORTHMAN and MEN on this list. The symbolism be dope. Kanye vibes with em both I bet.

    • I’ll get to them! I’m sad I missed Northman in theaters.

  2. How about RRR? Would like to know about your view on it

    • Going to get to it sometime in August, I think! But definitely before the end of the year.

  3. Nice!
    Definitely more my typ of list with The Batman on 1 but some movies like Doctor Strange, Thor, Everything Everywhere All at once and Top Gun would be higher on my list

    • Haha, Travis and I have joked that our lists are going to be so opposite that it will really divide people and you’ll have people that hate my takes and love Travis’s and vice versa. And yeah, there’s definitely a lot of fun in the movies you named. I do think, for my tastes, I’m extra tough on them. But I get why they would be higher on your list!

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