Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania | Bad Writing

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  1. I generally agree with all this. The first half of the film is thin and the jokes don’t really land (couldn’t tell whether it was a directing, editing, or writing issue, or maybe all of that). The scenes with Kang are generally excellent, due to either Majors’ ability and/or they actually had an idea on what to do with him. But yup, Hope barely gets anything to do that matters, there’s very little actual character arc, and there’s a lot of wasted opportunity for building actual tension. I’d still watch the second half of the film again, but disappointing otherwise.

    • Hi Jennifer! Yeah, it’s so bizarre. I saw some people trying to blame the writer. I get that this was his first film and he had previously only ever worked on Rick and Morty. It does feel like maybe there was a bit of a lower ceiling due to the inexperience? But… he’s part of the Marvel machine. The writer isn’t the main person behind the final project. Feige and Reed probably deserve a majority of the questions here.

  2. You have summed up all of my thoughts here Chris, great read! As a big fan of the MCU during the Infinity Saga, Phase 4 and now 5 has been really difficult to enjoy/see the direction of what they’re trying to do. The writing was probably the worst I’ve ever witnessed in an MCU film.

    As much as I like Ant-Man, it feels like this should not have been his film. Why put a hero who’s charm and likeability is all about size and scale into a place where you have no idea of the size and scale. Bill Murray has hardly been mentioned in people’s reviews and I agree with you, what a waste of him. Why not have him come back at the end, sub-leading an army/freedom fighters for Kang showing the change he made. Instead we get CGI blobs and yet another waste of actors like William Jackson Harper. Oh and as you say, don’t get me started on the helmets. I have fun pausing and playing trailers or clips of Marvel’s on YouTube seeing the helmets mid faze. It’s the one of the worst changes Marvel made to their heroes and films. I also hated everything about MODOK. All in all, this probably would’ve been more interesting as a story focused more on Kang and Janet. Fingers crossed for GOTG 3.

    • Hey Louie! It’s a sad thing to commiserate over, but it is kind of cathartic to talk about this stuff.

      I really do think this could work as an Ant-Man movie. It would just need Scott to have an actual story beyond “I want to protect my daughter.” But, yeah, the parts with Janet and Kang were much more interesting than anything else.

  3. Qué refrescante ha sido leer esto!
    No encontraba las palabras para describir el porqué no le hallaba pies ni cabeza. Gracias.
    Esperemos que sean capaces de autocrítica, quizá alguna película más para posicionar más claramente a esas mujeres (no sólo con el título).

    • Appreciate the kind words!

      ¡Aprecio las amables palabras!

      (Was that right? I used Google Translate.)

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