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  1. The dynamic between Tangerine and lemon was fantastic. Lemon finding the truck of tangerine and killing the prince with it is a nice touch. The dynamic between the father and the elder made me smile.

    • Yeah, there was a lot of great character work.

  2. The average Brad Pitt fan aren’t that deep. There’s no way they’re grasping the symbolism here. Epic fail!

  3. I don’t understand why the Wolf was on the train ? Just to kill the Hornet ? But who sent him ?

    • If I remember correctly, Michael Shannon made sure everyone was on the train at the same time. So it’s either he had tracked Hornet to the train just out of revenge or Michael Shannon played a role in making sure Wolf was on that train at that time.

    • Wolf was looking for the person who killed his family. His information source informed him about Hornet, but it seems he recalled Lady bug’s face as well when seeing him.

      • Exactly that!

  4. The White Death bought every ticket on the train planning to assassinate all his enemies in Kyoto. So who was Channing Tatum in all this and why was he on the train? And I suppose the conductor and all the train employees were just killed off in the resulting train crash but would they have likely been executed by The White Death and his henchmen anyhow?

    • Hey Jeff! I may be misremembering since I only saw the movie the one time in the theater, but I thought TWD brought in all the assassins but only bought every ticket for the last stop. Meaning that for the first bit of the journey, there were a decent amount of random people on the train. So it wasn’t coincidence that all the assassins and enemies were there. But not everyone on the train was a plant. If that’s the case, then Channing Tatum was just a random person. And if I am misremembering and TWD did buy all the tickets, then there’s not enough info to really know. Regarding the conductor and employees, I don’t know if they would have known enough to even worry about? If they were bought and paid for, then they’re already bought and paid and the implication of what TWD would do to them if they talked would probably keep them from talking. If they’re not bought and paid for, I doubt they’d be able to cause any trouble. TWD was already well known and untouchable.

  5. I don’t understand why the money was on the train. I thought TWD was paying the twins for rescuing his son. But why would he pay them before they returned his son? And why would they have to give that money back?

    • The money was TWDs ransom money paid to his son’s kidnappers and recovered by Lemon and Tangerine at the same time they recovered the son. It served a double purpose as a lure for Carver and Hornet

      • Thank you!

    • Joe had a great answer!

  6. I apologize if you already explained this. How did The Prince know the briefcase was in the trash can?

    • Hey Wayne! I’d have to re-watch. My memory is that she kind of just used logic to figure it out? Based on context clues? But I can’t remember off the top of my head. Did you get an answer to this yet?

  7. If memory serves, FFC didn’t do the orange thing on purpose initially, but once it was pointed out to him, he decided to roll with and did put it on purpose a couple of times

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