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  1. Very well written, it covers almost everything that happened in the film and it gave me new interesting POV wich made this film even a better one!

  2. You failed to mention the web motif, which represents his freedom. The spider being crushed at the beginning represents the freedom to spin his own web of deceit.

    And history repeating itself as a farce is the ending. He’s about to do it again only this time he’s not tragically fooling himself.

    • It’s been a bit since I wrote the article but I don’t remember webs appearing throughout the movie? Do you just mean webs as in the web of lies he’s been weaving? As opposed to an actual visual of webs?

      And regarding history repeating itself, I do have a paragraph where I say exactly that:

      “So in Enemy, we’ve come full circle with Anthony. He started fractured. Went through the whole Adam/Anthony journey. Ended up reconnecting with his wife. And it seems like things will be better. All he has to do is NOT REPEAT THE SAME BEHAVIORS THAT COMPLICATED HIS LIFE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Put another way: break out of the pattern. How? Call his mom back. Throw away the key. Stay committed to his life with his wife. Instead, what does he do? He begins to weave another lie. He thinks he has to go out? Get real. He wants to go to the club. He’s falling victim to his carnal vices. Again. It’s the same thing that got him in trouble in the first place.”

      • He meant webs literally…there’s a scene with a broken glass car window after daniels crash that resembles a web…metaphorical web of lies too.

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