Prisoners | Questions and Answers

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  1. What was the deal with all the puzzles and snakes?

    • Hey Jessica! So Bob’s character seems to be the embodiment of the idea of lingering trauma. It’s like, he’s free from Holly and her husband, but not really. The outside of his house looks normal. He looks normal. But the inside of his house is completely messed up. And he’s also pretty messed up.

      If I remember correctly, Holly and her husband liked maze imagery? And often had the kids do maze puzzle books. So that’s where all the puzzle/maze imagery comes from. They’re kind of burned into his brain and he draws them out of habit. It represents the prison he’s still in.

      With the snakes, I don’t have a great answer. It’s probably something biblical? Especially since Holly said her and her husband started kidnapping because they were angry at god. Since the snake is thought to represent the devil and the loss of eden…maybe there’s something there? But nothing with the snake will fundamentally change or open up the movie.

  2. What “accident” happened Alex Jones when he was a kid that triggered his low IQ? Holly mentions an accident with snakes, it not being such a big deal but him being terrified of snakes
    He seems to be a perfectly normal child in the one video his mom has of him before being kidnapped

    Also. I think Alex parks his R.V there because that used to be his home

    • When they kidnapped Alex, they put him, and the other children, in that hole in the ground that Keller ends up in. Snakes are in the hole, too. I’m not sure if Holly/her husband added the snakes or if they’re just naturally occurring?

      Holly and her husband also drugged the kids a lot. I think after a few weeks or months or maybe even years that it had a pretty negative affect on Alex. He’s also just hugely traumatized from the whole experience. So it might not be that he has low IQ now. Just that he’s still in a state of shock and fear.

      The house the RV was in front of was definitely Alex’s old house. Loki looks up the house, finds the old newspaper article about the kidnapping, visits Alex’s mom. Just doesn’t put 2 and 2 together until the end.

  3. Why was Bob buying kids clothes that replicate the ones of the missing kids and cover them in pig blood?

    • Hey, James! It seems Bob was stuck reliving his experience. It wasn’t something he could get past. So when he heard about the new kidnappings, it probably triggered him to re-live his own experience and want to get close to what happened to the girls (which is why he stole stuff). Another theory might be that he was in the early stages of “learning” how to do it and was a short time away from being a copy cat. Regardless of the specifics, it’s a byproduct of his trauma.

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