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  1. You’re young, so you might not know any of my generation’s favorite action movies – but if you do, what’s your opinion of those old “Men on a Mission” movies? Like Where Eagles Dare, Kelly’s Heroes, The Dirty Dozen, The Guns of Navarone, etc… Or any Sean Connery Bond movie. Nothin’ serious, of course. Just popcorn stuff. I would be interested to know what you youngins think of those old gems.

    • Hey Jerry! I will admit that’s one genre I’ve never delved into. Not because I’m not into it, but it’s never been a major priority of mine. I’ve seen The Dirty Dozen though (mostly because I’m an Aldrich fan) and remember really enjoying it. I will seek all those movies you mentioned!

      I am a big fan of westerns (I watched a lot of em with my dad), which I think fits into this category. The whole “man on a mission” angle reminds me of the Boetticher/Scott movies (Comanche Station, Seven Men From Now) that I really love. Also the classics from Anthony Mann (Man of the West, The Man from Laramie) and Delmer Daves (The Hanging Tree, Broken Arrow) have remained very vital.

      On the subject of Bond, I’ve always wanted to watch the older Bond movies but have never gotten around to it. One of these days I might buy a Bond boxset and burn through em all.

      • If you do watch any of the “Men on a Mission” movies suggested, you will understand the inspiration to many many things in your movie universe. From the entire “Star Wars” franchise to “Inglorious Basterds”. In fact, “Where Eagles Dare” is said to be Tarantino’s favorite movie!

        The early Bond series (with Sean Connery) is a different matter entirely. The Bond movies of today follow trends. The Bond movies of the 1960’s set the trends.

        • I’m excited to check these movies out!

  2. Didn’t see Sunset Boulevard anywhere on your list. Check it out if you haven’t already.

    • Hey Dave! I have seen Sunset Blvd a couple times. I’ve never been a huge fan of Billy Wilder but I believe Sunset Blvd stands out as perhaps his best work. Gloria Swanson played that part perfectly. I’d probably put it in the “Very Good” section.

  3. this a great ranking – i love that demons 2 is in essential, i really like that movie too. there’s some films at the top of your ranking i’ve never heard of but look really interesting like Bayan Ko, i’ve added them to my watchlist!

    • Glad to hear it! If you ever have any questions about my movies, feel free to ask! You can also offer up suggestions for me (it sounds like you have great taste if you like Demons 2).

      Also, you can find me on Letterboxd @TL_Bean

  4. Very nice list, I also have ETV as my top film I reckon. Have you seen Marcel The Shell With Shoes On? Also a fave of mine, obviously very different but didn’t see it on your Letterboxed!

    • Thanks a lot! Enter the Void is everything.

      And I have not seen Marcel the Shell. Tbh I never got into that craze when it happened back in the 2000s, which is probably why I never bothered watching the movie. Does that matter? Is it still interesting?

      • nice to see you love alien vs predator but what’s up with prey?? and where would you place Arnold Schwarzenegger predator movie???

        • I thought Prey certainly progressed the commentary into new territory, focusing on a female led in a male-dominated environment, but failed to invigorate the commentary like many of the other Predator entires. I felt its observations were obvious, making its ideology rather flaccid in an overt attempt to feel modern. A lot of that was due to just flat-out bad acting. But I think the script and focus was just too nondescript for my taste.

          I think Arnold’s Predator is still the best one. I’d put it in the Superb category!

  5. Kindly explain how Twilight belongs on any list of decent films, please?

    • Ha! Just depends on your tastes/perspective. I love campy movies, and I think Twilight has perfect goofy, wacky energy. I used to think of Twilight as “so bad it’s good,” but now I think that’s a tad reductive. Catherine Hardwicke is a proven director, and Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are pretty respected at this point and considered good actors. I think this movie purposefully achieves a very specific atmosphere that most consider to be bad—and I get it. But I love movies with this sort of spirit. I think it’s an interesting story with interesting characters, but at the same time it’s no too self-serious. Reminds me of 80s and 90s movies that were in a similar vein. I’ve also seen it many times with several different groups of people and we always have a great time. I think in the right setting, this movie is just perfect and endlessly rewatchable.

      That’s my long-winded answer lol. I actually enjoy all the Twilight movies, but the first is my favorite.

  6. This list is a really interesting list, and I’ve noted down some films to watch.

    I understand this list is arbitrary and based off your personal taste, and I appreciate when people aren’t afraid to admit they like a film that critics hate. Me for example- I love Like Mike, Meet the Parents, and Grown ups.

    That being said, I’m wondering if there are some movies that you’ve left out? Such as: Django Unchained, Zodiac, The Dark Knight series.

    Also if I may make a suggestion- The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is really good!

    Love your work!

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