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Parasite (2019) | The Definitive Explanation

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  1. WTH happened to your site? The ads are ridiculous.

    • Hey, Sylvia! We actually just switched ad partners on the 24th. So we’re still trying to figure out the optimal layout and everything. Some feedback would be great. Had you been visiting the site before? The ads used to be every 1-2 paragraphs. Now they’re every third paragraph. But it seems like it felt worse to you? If you could elaborate a bit on what you didn’t like, that would be helpful because then we could take that to the ad partner and say, “Hey, less of this.”

  2. I just watched this again, and I got very stuck on doors. The bunker door needs to be cranked closed and they focus on that more than once; apart from that, they really don’t show people closing doors (I’m not totally clear on the rest of the Parks’ house doors). In the Kims’ apartment, the family comes and goes and just leaves the door open when they do. Min does the same; he opens the door and comes in, then just leaves the door open behind him. We see their apartment door OPENING frequently, but no one closes it.

    Obviously, doors can be metaphorical with regard to “getting your foot in the door,” etc. with business/life opportunities, but I wouldn’t assume it’s intentional in that regard. Anyway, please don’t take words like “never” literally, I wasn’t scouring the movie for this from the jump; I just got really stuck on how frequently people don’t close doors.

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