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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse explained

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  1. Good analysis. Some thoughts to add though. The whole idea of canon and is breaking canon really dangerous is also a meta analysis of the franchise. The audience is tired of the Uncle Bens and yet the movies always seem to touch on these points. The audience want to see new stories with spider-man and this series is saying “that’s ok! Let’s leave all the canon behind and tell new stories free of the past”.

    Secondly, I think you misinterpreted Hobie’s role. As a punk he was never invested in the spider society. And to make as many watches as he did he must have been stealing sorts for a long while. I think he joined specifically to overthrow this idea of canon and as soon as he learned about Miles he knew how to do it. So he prepared watches and waited for Gwen to make contact with him. He’s super supportive of Miles for no apparent reason and helps home escape by giving him hints on how to improve his venom strike on the shields. That punk had a plan. He’s the smartest of the bunch.

    • Yeah! Great call, Emma. There is a meta aspect to it all. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 did something similar as kind of embodying James Gunn moving on from the MCU to his next chapter.

      I mean, maybe I misinterpreted Hobie’s role. We’ll have to see what happens in the next movie. In this one, I don’t think there’s quite enough information in the movie to say he was never invested and joined specifically to overthrow it. There’s enough info to have that as a hypothesis, definitely. But it’s just as likely that he joined because he thought they were doing necessary work, only to slowly grow disillusioned, then finally quit with the whole Miles thing. With the venom strike on the shields being more coincidence than part of a long term plan because he knew Miles would end up contained in a shield of similar makeup. Again, not saying it’s not possible. Just that we don’t quite have confirmation in the movie. Looking forward to seeing in the next one!

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