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The Banshees of Inisherin explained | Mourning for Ireland

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Reader Interactions


  1. Well-written, thanks for explaining the metaphors!

  2. Absolutely wonderful read.

  3. Thank you for the thoughtful interpretation.

    • Appreciate it!

  4. My 82yo brain tries to generalize and this movie hit me hard, not due to all the Irish implications but more generally to our human natures that are at the root of the Irish problems and our vexing current problems with our political divides, the gun-rights disputes and of course immigration heating up as an inflamed national issue. The difference between the Irish wars and our incipient wars is modern fire-power and the Internet so our National “home” could easily go up in flames as readily as did Colm’s Island home. Narcissistic politicians are taking foul advantage of this instability and egged it on.

  5. Hi Chris, I enjoyed this movie so much that I made a video with my interpretation. Is a different take than yours. Take a look if you have the time. Let me know what you think. Thank you!


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