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Bottoms explained (2023)

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  1. Why did they choose pineapple juice as the weapon?

    Pinapples are sometimes considered symbols of hospitality and friendship, so it’s interesting that in the movie it was considered evil and weaponized. We first see it in the cafeteria scene where the lunchlady gives Jeff a fruitcup with pineapple in it and then we see the poster warning of the evils of pineapple. Maybe because the football players are the opposite of hospitable or friendly, that pineapples are Jeff’s kryptonite. What do you think?

  2. There is actually one phone! and it was a flip phone! When Tim was calling to see if the girls really went to Juvie he used a flip phone! I was to looking for the answer as to what year does the movie takes place and your blog just answered that, thank you!

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