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Civil War explained (2024) | Alex Garland and America’s inner turmoil

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  1. I love your reviews! I’ve seen a lot of cricisim of the film from both the political left and right because the film didn’t go into the background politics and explain the causes of the civil war. People also criticised the fact that the WF was made up of two completely different states. I think this criticism misses the point – the point that a once united country that disintergrates into civil war is a tragedy no matter what the politcs. What do you make of it?

    • I think that the decision of leaving the explanation of the civil war out of the film, is one of its many strong points. They don´t want you to take sides so you can watch the horrors of war without a preference, obviously you are going to want the main characters so survive but there your aren’t positioning yourself. I think is a film that also wants to raise awareness about what a war in the first world countries right now would imply.
      theres a full review https://letterboxd.com/beatrizg1/film/civil-war-2024/

  2. It was heartbreaking to see brother against brother and our capital structures being blown away-Lincoln Memorial disappearing Like yesterday’s thoughts. It felt like a fight that happens inside a family during a celebration of thanksgiving, that becomes deadly. Whose side do you take? How can we make it stop without dying? Do I run away and just try to save myself and my children? The journalist seem like friends that see themselves as separate from the fight-watching- taking pictures with no stake in the game to stop the evolution of what is taking place but talking to those on the edge of the fight for the story. Is this what we have become? Mindblowing.

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