Dune: Part Two (2024) | The Definitive Explanation

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  1. Firstly, thats a brilliant write up, thank you for sharing.

    What I found fascinating in dune part two was the themes regarding Humiliation and Desire as a means to control.

    These words were spoken by the bene gesseriat reverend mother regarding Feyd.

    In a way, the revenge tragedy aspect in the story is also hinged on Paul’s desire to not be humiliated.

    These are deeply flawed characters. But everyone who believes in them either dismisses or chooses not to accept those flaws because of their own personal desires. E.g. they keep dismissing chani because the rest believe in their desire for salvation. They don’t want to be humiliated that what they believe is wrong.

    Control is power. Paul fears he will gain control. Now we need to go back the line leto mentioned at the start of part 1. That great men don’t want to lead, but are called to it as their duty. Paul didn’t want to lead, but was called to it as his duty. Paul didn’t want control, instead, he wanted to embrace his own passions, like his grandfather before him (bull riding).

    Spice does corrupt. And corruption is power and that power is control.

    Another psychological aspect here, is when you draw on frank Herbert’s own childhood, I.e. as you mentioned growing up during world wars and seeing that all through an innocence lens himself. Now compare that to later in his life, as a journalist, reporting on corruption in the world you see a man who is weighed by that. In a way, Paul is franks own innocence also getting corrupted.

    Frank was a big user of psychedelic mushrooms, and grew his own.. interesting that spice was also a psychedelic.

    • Interesting and thought provoking comment. Desire and humiliation are at the core of…well, everything. Especially control/power. People are easily manipulated using either factor and even the person in control can be manipulated using those same 2 emotions.

      The basis of your “desire” is what determines who you are. Is it for personal gain and power or is to leverage power for a more altruistic reason? The latter often becomes tainted by the former until a new hero arrives (in such arenas as politics or religion) and a new cycle begins.

  2. My cousin told me about this website, but I’m not sure whether he created this post because no one else understands my issues as well as he does. Thank you; you are very fantastic.

    • Haha I don’t think I’m your cousin. I’m glad you enjoyed what you read! Thank your cousin for me!

  3. The Bene Gesserit, while curating bloodlines to groom a Lais al Ghaib go back many generations, it would be a travesty that a huge twist in the form of Lady Jessica being the daughter of the baron Harkonnen was relegated as a narrative twist and nothing more. It would be great to jump deeper into how she and Duke Leto were brought together, and why we don’t hear anything from the Baron when he attacks and destroys House Attrides.

    Great article, first time reading something on here. Will follow for more such wonderful pieces.

    • In Brian Herbert’s books, Jessica doesn’t know that she is the Baron’s child (or Reverend Mother Mohiam’s), due to how the BG raise the children. The Baron also doesn’t know. Mohiam knows though.

      It was something like a huge plot twist gag in the original book. It goes a bit deeper, with the original plan to marry the daughter of Jessica (secret Harkonnen) and Leto Atreides with Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen. The child of that union was supposed to be the Kwisatz Haderach.

  4. Thank you so much for this explanation. I like how you made modern references to prove your point. Makes it much easier to understand.

    I do have a question: Why did Paul drink the Water of Life? It was unclear to me why Paul proceeded to drink the worm juice down South when, during the first half of the movie, he didn’t want to become the Kwisatz Haderach/Lisan al Gaib. He could have just NOT drank it and be unchanged.

    • He thought he was seeing Chani’s death but his visions were clear but it scared him enough that he felt he needed the water to get clarity of course not understading completely how that would change him. Personally I think he trusted that he would always love Chani and that would be his enough to guide his actions but as we see even though he may still love her after drinkning the water he is change too much and is set on his path he feared the most, holy war.

  5. Excellent breakdown of Dune: Parr Two!

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