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Kinds of Kindness explained

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  1. I absolutely adore how you put down your notes in this post to show your thought process. This movie has been on my mind for a few days too, so I enjoyed reading along. The more you think about it, the more you find it meaningful.

  2. I enjoyed the movie but a lot of stuff goes right over my head, thank you for writing this

  3. My take on it is that Defoe is the head of a cult and Emma, his daughter, seems to do acts of kindness for Jesse Plemons’ multiple characters. But everyone is still part of the cult until Emma releases the original RMF from death (via a car), who was killed in the first act after picking up a package from Dafoe’s girlfriend. Emma sacrifices the one true healer at the end via another car crash, which breaks herself out of the cult, potentially healing herself.

  4. I had a theory that maybe in the second story the dream had some truth to it and Liz was replaced by a dog.
    That’s why she was excited to have chocolate now that she had a human body and that’s why the cat initially hissed at her. That’s also why she would stay loyal to the husband even after getting beaten by him. She just wanted to please him so she did anything he told her to. There’s also the DOG tags and her BEGGING him about food. The credits sequence also has dogs doing human stuff humorously.
    Okay, maybe she isn’t literally a dog.
    The movie is probably just comparing such blind kindness to how dogs are.

  5. My theory is that Raymond and Omi are the same person. Both wealthy, both unquestioned leaders obsessed with what people around them eat or drink. Both polygamous. Raymond’s “trips to Germany” could just be him spending more time with the cult he leads as Omi.

    I would say Sarah and Aka are also the same person. Sarah is clearly another pawn in Raymond’s schemes for Roberts life, she only seems to be willing to get pregnant for the cult and nothing else. R.M.F. dying and resurrecting in the first and third story respectively is just the connecting tissue.

    The only hole I see in this logic is that the second story seem to be completely disconnected from the rest. Great movie overall and interesting analysis.

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