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  1. If I may, I believe the movie pushes a religious agenda. The victims were all believers, and although they may have died, the movie is saying that because of their faith they have be released from an Earthly existence and to share in the kingdom of heaven. While the none believer remains in a literal hell on earth chasing a DEVIL he will never catch. This lens explains the multiple CU’s of the rosary, the Jesus on the cross homage of the Captain being tied up the ships wheel, (the ship’s wheel is a symbol of finding your path regardless of troubled or stormy waters. Like the compass, it’s a symbol of always finding your way.) The religious leaning was over bearing.

    Now to simple avoidable mistakes: Opening scene, the locals rushing to the shipwreck with flashlights- Flashlights were not invented until 1899–the story takes place in 1897. two years before the invention. Furthermore the lanterns on the ship were clearly electric light bulbs, when the ship had no source of electric power. Thirdly when they set sail, they are had all sails unfurled, when launching a boat in port, or dock with other boats one would only lift the main mast sail until clear of the other ships and coastline. Toby finds out ANNA’s name because she told him semi consciously while speaking Romanian. Toby tell Clemens another crew member has been teaching him Romanian. Yet ANNA (english) vs ANA (Romanian) would not require knowing Romanian. Then when Anna fully awake and makes her way deck side she speaks perfect english. Speaking of ANNA- seems a little risky to perform a transfusion without knowing if blood types are compatible. The voyage from Bulgaria to washing ashore in London took for weeks . The first establishing night shot is of a “waning gibbous” then according to Captains log 12/14 days into the voyage another moon shot – this time its. a “full moon” not enough time to go through the phases in between. Then 5 days later another full moon shot. Read a book people. Speaking of Captains log- the entire movie is paced and pushed forward with the narration by the Captain, then switches to Clemens. Sloppy writing. Lastly when Anna separates her raft from Clemens she somehow is able to drift in the complete opposite direction (towards the sun) as Clemens is drifting (towards the shore as the waves are moving that way.) Impossible.

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