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Midsommar explained

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  1. There was also a little theory that during the maypole circling ceremony the other women were purposefully dropping and falling down in order to make dani win.

    • I can’t remember what I said in the article. But, at this point, I think that’s definitely what was happening.

  2. The three question I have is. One: After Josh gives Dani a sleeping pill. She wakes up to seeing people leaving the sleeping facility. She quickly gets up to see where they are going a blue car comes from around the sleeping quarters, and it there is Josh, Christain, Mark, and I think Pella is driving off. Was this a dream, or was this a reality? Since it looked to me that they were trying to leave her. Just a nagging question that I have. It looked real I was just wondering. Since all three them treated Dani pretty shitty at least i thought so.

    2nd Question: what became of the other outsiders that gathered at the first stopping point, and were brought along upon entering?

    3rd Question: Was that really Mark that showed up when Josh was taking the pictures of the book? because it’s not Ruben because when you see Josh turn around Ruben is in his bed and you Mark is standing in the middle of the room with the front door open. There is no real evidence what happened to Mark. That was never really shown.

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