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  1. I’m still trying to figure out the symbolism of the colors Mia and jade have on. Mia thought the movie wears yellow and at the end has scissors with a yellow handle, jade wears an a periwinkle or purple color with same color nails.

    • Hey Robin! Good catch on the colors. My gut is saying we probably shouldn’t read into it too much. One kind of common writing technique is to give a character some kind of individual style/object/aesthetic. This can definitely be symbolic like in Apocalypse Now they often film Colonel Kurtz in shadow and in a way that makes him feel large and imposing—the whole movie is about the dark heart of people and Kurtz is the embodiment of it, so those formal choices in presenting him make sense. But I think it’s much more common to for people to use this technique simply to establish a character’s on-screen vibe and stylistically differentiate them. You can accomplish this through wardrobe or decor or lighting. But the easiest way is color palette.

      I could definitely see the creators talking about what color fit each character best and looking at some of the general meanings for various colors. Like how yellow can mean sunshine but also cowardice—that duality does embody Mia’s boldness but also flaws. But within the movie itself, I don’t think there’s anything necessarily established that would give the colors meaning in the way the shadows around Kurtz do.

  2. fantastic read well thought out and insightful

    • Thank you!

  3. Excellent breakdown.Thanks foe sharing! And yes, don’t be afraid to seek help.

    • Thanks!

  4. Thank you for this movie guide, this is exactly what I needed! You answered a lot of my questions.

    However, I have a slightly different perspective of the ghosts’ symbolism. I rather see the possessed state and the things told as statements of the characters’ own ashamed secrets, thoughts or psychological difficulties they cannot share with others (or even with themselves). This concept seems to contradict with the “possession” of Riley though, but I can still imagine that he was very sorry for Mia’s loss and somehow he tried to help her, even by the mere suggestion that there was something more than an accident when her mother died, and with his conviction that Mia’s mother actually loved the girl very much.
    It seems to me that the breakup from his former innocence, his risk-taking way of telling something to Mia that shook her so deeply and that it has such a shocking effect – actually a harmful one – on her made Riley confused and self-blaming enough to want to take away his own life. I can also see this intensity as the effect of trauma, something that maybe a lot of us would like to commit when we meet that enormous amount of pain.
    If I think about the ghost sucking Daniel’s toes, I can see projection: something that I want to do but I can only perceive in others’ deeds.

    So altogether, I can see the grip of the hand as a commitment to communicate with our inner unknown world, or to talk about our unspeakable truth. What we are all afraid of is that it would end in losing our mind, the control, and maybe this is the reason for the isolation from our own selves: the fear of what we can find there. I can also see how shame can hold us back from seeking help, even in the fact that Rhia’s mental problem was hidden even before her daughter, and my suspicion of his dad’s being ashamed of what others might say if he encouraged her wife to ask for help.

    What I think this movie teaches us is that everyone has their own losses which are always painful; that grief is unavoidable and it leaves its mark on everyone, but what leaves a much larger mark is not taking the burden of grief and going through the painful path of leaving something or someone behind.

    • Appreciate the comment!

      There’s definitely something there about secrets and deeper fears and shames and having these things come out or “talk”. Like when Daniel’s possessed and the ghosts spills how he feels about Jade.

      We definitely agree about the burden of grief as the main point!

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