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The Whale (2022) | The Definitive Explanation

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  1. Well said. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this synopsis.

  2. This is a great analysis of the movie. Thanks

  3. The boyfriend is called Alan, not Andy. That mistake ruined the entire review / analysis for me.

    • I feel bad. It’s fixed now. If you want to know what happened. In 2022, we were doing this thing were each section about a movie had its own page. So we had 5 different articles about The Whale. I’d write a draft for each article in Google Docs, copy it to WordPress, make final edits, then post. For some reason, when writing about the themes, I switched from writing Alan to Andy. It wasn’t something I caught until I was about to post. So I fixed it in WordPress but not the Google Doc. In 2023, we switched from the sectional style back to a singular page. It was easier to build out the single page from the Google Docs than from the WordPress pages so I went back to the original drafts. But completely forgot to update the mistake in the Theme section. That’s why you probably noticed that I used “Alan” in the beginning of the article then suddenly and abruptly switched to “Andy”.

      It’s all fixed now. Thank you for the heads up. I feel bad that thousands of people have read this article with the wrong name.

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