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Challengers explained (2024) | The Past Lives of it all

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  1. I already loved the music concept of the movie, especially the certain music they chose for the film. For instance, when Tashi and Patrick hooked up, the music didn’t clearly match the vibes of what was happening which made that scene even better!!

  2. Thank you for such an insightful and interesting guide. It really shaped my swirling thoughts about it, and enhanced my enjoyment of it in retrospect! Looking forward to rewatching it with this in mind.

    • Thank you for that impressive review. It is an interesting perspective on many levels.
      Patrick was really my favorite character and Art being the most obscur to understand. You bring some light on him and maybe I should watch it again to get him more. Zendaya performance is outstanding.
      For sure a movie that will stay in my favorites for long.

  3. Overall a nice review, but really unfortunate that with “Only 8 players in tennis history have achieved a career Grand Slam” you missed the 10 female tennis players who also have achieved career Grand Slams.

    • Hey, Hilal!

      That section was in context of Art’s career in the ATP. The ATP is for men’s professional tennis. So when I said “tennis history” I meant like…the history of the ATP. But, you’re right, that’s not proper phrasing as the sentence seemed to incorporate all of tennis—-men and women. Updated it to say “in ATP history”. It’s kind of wild that Venus never had a career Grand Slam. Also insane that Steffi Graf had four. Like…I knew she was good, but I didn’t realize how good.

  4. Great Read!!!! My second watch, I noticed how the score is literally guiding the movie, giving its characters their own themes, and then blending them as the film progressives. Match Point Finale was a great scene to watch.

  5. One thing they never expanded on was the possibility that Patrick might be the real father of Tashi’s daughter seeing as their affair that year lines up with how old she is in the movie, just a thought.

  6. Lovely article, some interesting insights and commentary. Definitely helped me reframe my own views and understanding of the film

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