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Past Lives explained

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Reader Interactions


  1. A simple story with emotions that are not as straightforward as the fate of each character. Two flashing instances of old fashioned heavy handedness, overall a lovely moving movie experience.

  2. The long long shot of them looking at each other waiting for the Uber. What a powerful moment.

    • I watched the film yesterday. Sparse audience. The cinema had left the lights on(!) I spent the last few minutes with my hands over my mouth. Then I looked along the row. Guy a few seats down was staring at the screen – he’d pulled the front of his t shirt over his mouth as he watched. Both of us absolutely rapt.
      Show not tell as an audience reaction?

  3. as a person entangled with thousands of what-ifs in every choices i made, this movie broke and heal me in every possible ways. what a brilliant work of art, Song!

    • Glad you liked it! It’s been funny to me seeing some people say that the movie had no themes and was just a boring love triangle. Like………WHAT MOVIE DID YOU WATCH?!

  4. If inwould say anything else to make this review more worthwhile I would say it would be Nora’s discourse about crying. That kind of leapt out at me as a not only psychological or even spiritual component of the story but maybe even a more compelling aspect even than those.

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