Chungking Express (1994) | The Definitive Explanation

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  1. Great review

    • We appreciate you!

  2. This is so good !!

    • Thanks!

  3. Excellent review. Thank you. I see it somewhat differently but yours is great.

    • How do you see it?

    • Thank you!!

  4. Good review, thank you.

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

  5. I just watched this movie a few days ago and have been trying to make some sense of it as I was pretty confused at first. After reading this review I can tell why people love this movie so much, there’s much more to it than one might think. Thanks for the awesome review!

    • Thank you so much! It’s a very special movie to many people.

  6. One of my all time favorites. Lost the count how many times I’ve seen it in 27 years. One thing that doesn’t get a resolution is the question to Faye about her medication and if she has taken it.

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