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  1. I also saw a hint of “Frankenstein” influence in “Robocop”. The way Murphy was a dead man, reanimated by science and the way everyone turned against him. Especially the scene where all the cops were chasing him down in the parking garage – which reminded me of the villagers with pitchforks.

  2. Finally, somebody who really understands this timeless classic! The original cannot be matched. The sequels totally forgot what the movie was all about – as did everything else. There should have been a strong focus on Murphy/RoboCop’s humanity – he should have been depicted getting more and more human. The second movie should have introduced a new character, a woman who worked as a technician at OCP, and like everybody else thought Robo was just a machine – until she has a personal revelation. She befriends him, encourages him to stick up for himself, and uses her knowledge of OCP’s computers to help him stay a jump or two ahead of those who want to shut him down. Along the way, they become sweethearts. Yes, Robocop falls in love – what better way to demonstrate he is truly human? But this being OCP’s Detroit, something horrible has to happen to the ladyfriend. Want more robot battles? How about the sweetie going up against the new super-robot with an improvised weapon, such as a heavy-duty forklift or a backhoe? She survives, but is horribly mangled–

    • Glad you appreciate the movie as well! And the article. Weirdly enough, I’ve never seen the sequels (although I did watch the remake and remember it being pretty bad). I think I could enjoy the sequels purely on a campy, atmospheric level, but I assume you’re right that they won’t match the depth of the original.

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