Serenity, computer simulation, and why the twist of Patrick murdering his step-father makes sense

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  1. Hi Chris,
    Great analysis of Serenity. I saw this film recently and was taken aback by how many reviewers missed the point. Patrick is the creator of this world so one would expect a rather hackneyed plot and immature handling of relationships and sexuality from a 13 year old. By recreating his father and using him as a tool to solve his stepfather problem….something that you brilliantly figured out and I guessed as well…. seemed to be missed by nearly every critic I read. Much better film than given credit for. Nice job on the review! John McGinley

  2. Great piece, thanks for laying out there!

  3. I feel like I’m on Plymouth island everytime I smoke weed it all started after a few acid trips when I was very young but I feel like i understand that we are all just a simulation with the ability of our consciousness to pass on to other simulations but not fully knowing of our past experiences and simulations but we can still feel them subconsciously. If you sorta get what I’m saying . Basically we are all created by something weather that be a computer programmer or god or you can consider our computer programmer God . But we all still have free will in our simulation their for there are many different outcomes to every choice we make, sort alike the game sims but one 2 things are for sure in this simulation we are created by something and our bodies will die in this game.

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