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  1. Yeah, no way.

    Batman says it himself. He’s trying to help Gotham with violence and Vengeance, which I guess is “wrong”… but he’s trying to help Gotham.

    So this idea of him after the events of the movie REALIZING that “helping without violence but being the solution” just doesn’t work.

    First: He WON’T do that. He CAN’T do that. Not as Batman. That kind of help, he can make it happen as Bruce, which the movie ignores.

    And even if he could do that, he was two years beaten criminals up, and yet people feared him, but not Gordon? So why is Gordon the only one knowing pretty well he wasn’t hurting non criminals? Also, Bruce BECOMES BATMAN TO HELP GOTHAM… the trauma (vengeance) is always the fuel, but he the whole Batman thing would only make sense if he actually wants to help.

    And again, realizing that he can “help without violence” can only mean that he should stop being Batman and use his wealth and influence.

    The movie is NOSENSE (most beautiful Batman movie ever though). Sorry but no. The movie just doesn’t work and the writing is impossibly bad.

    • Bruce told himself he wanted to help Gotham, and did want to help Gotham, but really he was taking out his anger and frustration on criminals in the city. The helping was just a nice byproduct. There was something indulgent about it rather than heroic. It’s not until the end that he realizes that there’s a whole other level to who he needs to be and what he can be for the city. Even if he still has to use violence, it can’t be in the indulgent way it had been. Violence for the sake of his own rage. Rather than as a necessity to save people. It’s very meaningful that the final moments have Batman in the daylight.

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