Did Neil sacrifice himself at the end of TENET?

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  1. And worst of all the padlock was digital needed a password. I thought something but I don’t know how to explain it properly.
    But why didn’t Neil exchange shots with volkov, that ended up hitting the padlock. And finally, what is the consequence of a dead invert? I don’t understand is Neil, going to die someday?

    • Hey hey! Yeah, I guess you can still crack a digital lock since there’s still a mechanism in the door but it is strange to talk about picking the lock then just have it be a digital lock and not show him actually picking it. I also don’t understand why Neil didn’t exchange shots with Volkov or do anything to save himself. He went into that situation with his guard completely down and took zero actions to protect his own life. Very strange.

      And the consequences of the dead invert is that Neil is dead. That was Neil in his present (regardless of if he was inverted or not). He went from that final conversation with The Protagonist, to a turnstile, to the tunnel, then was shot. So even though the shot happened “in the past” it was Neil’s present.

      As to his body, it will vanish as entropy pushes the inverted object out of existence. Like if you inverted a flower, it would eventually just vanish.

  2. I believe Neil is fully aware of his demise, and that he is consciously making a decision to perform the steps and that this qualifies as a sacrifice. He stands outside with the protagonist after Ives heads to the helicopter and he clearly knows he is going to die. He admits this freely. He chooses to fulfill the fate because he knows he must or they may not “win” (as they already have). Then he goes and inverts (interestingly he inverts and goes right for the door).

    • Hey Shawn! I think once he hears there was a body down there he realizes its his. But I don’t think he knew prior to meeting up with Ives and the Protagonist. So there is that tension of having a choice but the choice already having been made, which is the classic paradox of time travel movies like this. But, yeah, he definitely goes in knowing that he won’t come out.

  3. After reading your article about Neils death, which was VERY well thought out and much appreciated, one thing that came to mind was the knowledge of Sators suicide. Sator told Volkov to shoot the Protagonist and the phone call ended. Had Neil intervened earlier and Sator became aware, then he could have killed himself and triggered the explosion. Neil KNEW that it took until the very last second to pull out Ives and The Protagonist, so maybe thats why he recognized there was not choice but to wait until the phone call ended…but by that time the bang-bang instaneous nature of closing/opening the gate left no choice but to take the bullet. So although he didnt LEAP in front, it was an intentional and necessary sacrifice.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on that!


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