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Magnolia explained (1999) | The randomness of life

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  1. exceptional insight. i really like this. it’s so thorough. i took it all in. i just finished watching for the first time. i am 61 and a study of the human condition. i do have trouble getting the concepts of movies the first few times because, ironically, i am detailed oriented and visual. i am so in the moment, observing and absorbing nuances, movements, expressions, acting ability (the actor) and portrayal (the character); their hair, eyes, clothing, the props… there is much and can pass quickly, i can’t keep up and process right away. so, i have to rewatch and/or read about to help me get the message and the art; especially simple plots i can’t follow as i get lost in the bells, whistles, smoke and mirrors. thank you, wikipedia. btw, i do accept a Divine plan that includes this “estate”/existence and continues beyond to another existence; even a prior one: three acts. as you said, through choices we can bring onto ourselves consequences and coincidences that can be random, have others bring them onto us, Deity can arrange and allow them, and some are His own doing that are personal and intentional and always with purpose and not random (see Job) – all for experience and learning that are important to the next estate; as well as the assurance this here is temporary and not final; and all offenses, tragedies and afflictions, and to some degree choices, will be righted there. i am not seeking discussion nor argument. just sharing thoughts that came to me relating to conditions in this movie and reality as i read your contributions to those. thank you🙏

    • For someone who studies the human condition…Magnolia must have been quite the experience 🙂 And I’m happy you enjoyed it! Thank you for the kind words. I hope to do a more expansive explanation sometime this year. There’s so much more insight to be found in this movie.

  2. An analysis on par with the quality of the film! Really enjoyed your article. It was sent to me by a fellow “Film Club” member who led our recent discussion of what is his favorite movie.

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