How our Netflix Top 10 point system works

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  1. Sounds interesting, but where are you sharing the ongoing results? There’s no link here or anything.

    • That’s a work in progress! We’re trying to think of a way to present this information visually.

  2. Where lupin???

    • As of today, Lupin ranks 15th on the 2021 rankings and 64th on the all-time rankings.

  3. Amazing Work! Is this for the Top 10 in the US? Or Global?
    I assume US. Thanks!!

    • For now, yes, just the U.S. But we’re working on something bigger and more international!

  4. One of the problems with thus system is it doesn’t actually equate to viewship. Cobra Kai and Bridgeton when they first reached number one had had two to three times the viewership of other number ones in their first week. Also Cobra Kai is a 30 minute show that gets binged more quickly than hour shows which take longer and stays on the list.

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